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About Us.

The Unplug Collective is a digital community and platform providing relief from the harmful and negative messaging around bodies. We facilitate the exchange of community storytelling, resources, and education across mediums with the goal of ending body

discrimination for all.

Our Story

Where We Started

Unplug began as an accessible blog-style publication where anyone could submit and share stories about their experiences with body discrimination and mental health. Our founder created the platform in 2019 while in eating disorder recovery, as a way to transform the mainstream narrative about the experiences we have in our bodies, on a whole. 

What We've Become

With the overwhelming need for honest conversations about body discrimination, Unplug's platform transitioned from a small college campus publication to a well-known digital platform with community members from around the world. As the platform gained traction, Unplug became a leading digital resource for personal storytelling, educational content, and digital campaigns  with recognition from British Vogue, Forbes, CFDA, and celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Where We're Going

We've had the privilege of spending the past several years gaining a deep and intimate understanding of the varied problems in people's lives as a direct result of body discrimination. We will scale our platform to have the opportunity to share more of these important stories with a larger audience.


Our community stories will also inform something much larger than ourselves.  We are creating an ecosystem and network that facilitates the end of body discrimination across industries.

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